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Start of the Travel Journal

Budapest, Magyarország

Budapest, Hungary

December 15th 2023

Fog surrounds white bridge (Erzsébet híd) in Budapest

For the first time since the summer of 2019, three long years of pandemics and brexits ago, I am going back on a regular old backpacking trip. This will be my most audacious trip yet, taking part over three months across two continents and an estimated 9 countries. It is also my first for language-led travel, as I am going to places where I have learned at least the basics required for essential communication. Rather optimistic I know, but a monolingual can dream.

To launch this trip, I am also revamping the way I share my photographs. For a long time now I have relied on Instagram to spread my images, but as the patented algorithm has spent the last year slowly moving away from taking any interest in my work, I've had to rethink things. What is the point in sharing photographs if no one sees? The mental strain that social media takes is real.

Green lamposts on Green Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) in Budapest
A woman takes a photo of green liberty bridge (Szabadság híd) in Budapest

A train crosses a bridge over a frosted river in Budapest

To reclaim my work for my own, I am instead going to prioritise this website. Building on "Instagram Stories", I will be posting up-to-date photos and thoughts from my journeys here. My hope is that this travel journal will journal my journeys in an unpolished form, allowing me to draft photos and essays without any pressure usually reserved for a full fledged blog article. It may allow me to talk about things I haven't before, to explore the potential space of my photography. Whatever form it takes, it's founding principal is no pressure.

Goodbye Budapest, I hope you get better, or that I never have to live in you again.

Mists surrounded the entrance to green liberty bridge (Szabadság híd) in Budapest
People taking photos in front of green liberty bridge (Szabadság híd) in Budapest


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