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Animals Need Me

Shkodër, Shqipëria

Shkodër, Albania

May 11th 2024

As part of my ongoing Strays in Squares project, I have been photographing the animals, shelters, and work of Animals Need Me.

Operated by just three full-time on-the-ground workers, Animals Need Me is currently the only organisation based in Shkodër for animal rescue. Along with the organisation's founders who work remotely behind the scenes, together they look after over 100 shelter dogs and a dozen cats, take in rescues and treat injured animals, and run education programmes in local schools.

They are hoping to turn the tide and enact cultural changes in Northern Albania, by beginning to focus on community engagement that gets right to the source of the problem.

TV time

I am very thankful to the whole team for welcoming me in, and I hope my laptop will get fixed soon so that I can go through these photos properly. You can find Animals Need Me at their instagram @animalsneedme, or donate to them here.

Vet trip for three puppies

Public outreach campaign about how to avoid dog bites

All have their own stories of suffering and all are adoptable, #AdoptDontShop


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