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Jonathan Webb

I am a zoologist and published nature photographer from the UK, currently based in Europe. As a lifetime animal-lover, I have an instinctive fondness for the wild and a passion for sustainable conservation and animal rights. I am self-taught and developed my approach to photography in England, while documenting the constant melodrama of grey squirrels in my local park. Now, using my camera, I aim to witness the planet in its rawest form and exhibit the realities of non-human lives in the 21st century.


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I graduated with a Master's degree in Zoology in 2019 and have worked as a research assistant and researcher since. I am most interested in projects carried out on the interaction between animal behaviour, ecology, and cognition, and have studied a range of species: Asian elephants, marsupials, hermit crabs, kea, New Caledonian crows, ravens, and various Australian birds.

View my published scientific articles on ResearchGate or contact me directly here

If you like my work and would like to support me, you can contact me to buy prints/stickers or Buy Me a Coffee.

Photographic Achivements


  • Council Prize WINNER for video contest of ASAB Winter 2023 conference

  • Published in BBC Wildlife Magazine 2023 Calendar




  • Image published in Wild Planet Photo Magazine November 2020

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