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Котор, Црна Гора

Kotor, Montenegro

December 27th 2022

White and ginger stray cat in Kotor, Montenegro

Stray animals are nothing unique in the Balkans, but the old town in Kotor (also known as Cattaro) has distinguished itself for having a particular affinity for stray cats. They are tolerated lounging in cafes and hostel kitchens, and get constant attention from tourists. There is always a danger with using animals as a tourist attraction, especially when it comes to stray animals - e.g. Japan's cat island, Japan's rabbit island, Japan's deer islna,d and Japan's fox village, what the hell Japan - but relatively speaking, these cats were all quite healthy. I'm sure there's lots of sad stories behind the scenes that I didn't see, but the work of the Kotor Kitties organisation and local people seem to be maintaining the cats, for now. Sadly, the cat museum was closed for renovations.

Grey stray cat next to canon in Kotor, Montenegro

White and grey stray cat sleeping on hostel bed in Kotor, Montenegro

Two stray cats in Kotor, Montenegro

Grumpy looking stray cat in Kotor, Montenegro

Grey stray cat in Kotor, Montenegro

Grey sleeping stray cat in Kotor, Montenegro

Old white and ginger stray cat sleeping on chair in Kotor, Montenegro

Black stray cat next to christmas lights in Kotor, Montenegro

Two stray dogs playing in Kotor, Montenegro

(Also a handful of polite dogs).


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