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Six Years Later in Singapore


April 11th 2023

In the summer of 2017 I came to Singapore with a university friend. Two budding Europeans fresh to the world of intercontinental travel, aweing at the big buildings and the strange food, and complaining about the obscene heat. We hired rental scooters before they had a reputation for destroying cities and we went to Gardens by the Bay before everyone and their mother had a selfie stick with a gopro. This was the time of dabbing. The people of Myanmar were free, Afghanistan was not ruled by the Taliban, and Australia wasn't quite yet fully on fire.

Six years ago I got my first dslr camera, my first passport, and stepped onto my first plane. Six years ago I thought Elon Musk was funny for posting memes on twitter, that Brexit was far out of reach and would not affect my life, and that the idea of being confined inside by government order could only be fiction. Six years ago I visited Singapore. Now, six years later in Singapore, I am back for the final destination of my Asia trip.


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