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Horizons of Prizren

Prizreni, Kosovës

Prizren, Kosovo

May 5th 2024

The landscape transforms aggressively as you corner the last bend on the road going west through the Sharr Mountains, as rocky cliffs and a gushing river quickly give way to an ancient city capped by charred-orange roofs.

I know very little about Prizren, so this is not the place for a history lesson, but what I can tell you is that it feels like it is in the wrong place. Like it got lost on its way to Türkiye and ended up staying here and forever defying the slavic influences around it. Every second store, and there are a lot of stores, is a coffee shop. Mosques are dotted around, interestingly with a whole host of Orthodox Christian churches too. The streets are tight and packed with cars, and Albanian and Turkish flags can be seen more than Kosovan flags. I really wonder how this place functioned within a soviet governance.

Mountains to city

View from Prizren Fortress

Doggos at night


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