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Cornering Lithuania

Vilnius, Lietuva

Vilnius, Lithuania

October 17th 2023

Instead of flying from Finland to Budapest, I decided to travel by land and probably will end up saving a little on the flight price at the same time. The baltics/western slavic nations were some of the last remaining pockets of unknown for me in Europe, so it is nice to demystify these regions somewhat.

I usually don't like photographing cities. You're in a European city, you go to its old town, wow nice churches and buildings, you go to its new town, wow nice new-wave food places, there is a market, wow nice veg. This is nice, but it is starting to become the South American problem for me. There, every capital has its main square, with parliament and a church alongside, thanks to the aesthetics of the Spanish colonialists. People there say "once you've seen one South American capital city you have seen them all", and I'm not totally against the idea that this sentiment applies to Europe too. When uninspired, sometimes I like to photograph with a consistent theme. For vilnius, it was about marginalising old architecture, moving it to the corners.


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