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Balkans to Japan

犬山市, 日本

Inuyama, Japan

January 17th 2023

Street photography of messages left at a kinto shrine at Inuyama Castle, Japan

Animal photography of Japanese Macaque at the Japan Monkey Centre in Inuyama, Japan

Sleeping cat with a do not disturb sign at a cat cafe in Inuyama, Japan

"Don't touch me when I'm here"

There are very few contenders out there for two countries at the opposite ends of the cultural spectrun than Bulgaria and Japan. Yet, after a 22 hour journey, I have found myself swapping public urination for toilets that talk to me, shouting indifference for head bowing and constant apologies, and the "some meat" speciality of Balkan food for noodles and soy. It will take some time for me to re-wire for brain.

For the next two weeks I am staying in Inuyama, a small town within the metropolitan spider's web of Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan. Nagoya is semi-famous for being the boring city in Japan, and so far that label doesn't seem totally unfair. However, when you are in somewhere as different from your own European world as Japan, a simple walk around neighbourhood streets and shopping malls is more than enough siteseeing.

Inuyama castle and mountain in Japan

Film photograph of funny frog statues in Inuyama, Japan

Street photography of vending machines in Japan Monkey Centre, Inuyama, Japan

Street photograph of japanese buddhist statues with knitted warmers in Inuyama, Japan

Mountains near Inuyama, Japan

Street photo of manhole cover in Inuyama, Japan, showing traditional fishing with cormorants


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