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A Brand New Feng Shui

臺北, 中華民國

Taipei, Taiwan

February 22nd 2023

Landscape photograph of Taipei 101 and taipei city from Elephant mountain in Taiwan

I am now in China, the Republic of China, specifically. The island nation of Taiwan has long been one of those legendary places, like New Zealand or Finland, that has become a fictional haven in my mind. Incredibly liberal, world-class social rights, high availability of vegan food, and good nature. Plus, I took Mandarin language classes with the intention of one day coming here, so it has that personal desire too. It is quite nice to say, after the surprise that was Japan, that Taiwan has so far fulfilled every expectation.

A Green City

Modern architecture flats and green treets in Taipei, Taiwan

A ginger cat walks down steps of crumbling street with green in Taipei, Taiwan

Tao temple on mountain forest next to cable cars in Taipei, Taiwan

View of Mount Keelung from Jiufen in Taipei, Taiwan

Walkways in Taipei with Taipei 101 in the background, Taiwan

Street photograph of mother putting son on rock to take photo in Taipei, Taiwan

A Moody City

Intricate figurehead on tao temple in Jiufen, Taiwan

Dramatic landscape photograph of temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Black and white photograph of tile pattern in Taipei, Taiwan

Dramatic landscape photograph of temple roof in Taipei, Taiwan

Street photograph of giner cat sitting on wellington boot in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101 building ascending into clouds in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101, which held the record for world's tallest building until the construction of the Burj Khalifa.

A Colourful City

Tourists taking photograph of sunset at Taipei Main Station in Taiwan

Long exposure photograph of scooters in Taipei, Taiwan

Corgi in carrier in Taipei, Taiwan

People walking past tao temple at night in Taipei, Taiwan

Calico cat meowing on roof of temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Trapped on a temple roof and meowing her whiskers off for help

Red tao lanterns in Taipei, Taiwan

Temple shrine at night in Taipei, Taiwan

A Weird City

Black and white photograph of man with plastic bag over his head in Taipei, Taiwan

Black and white photograph of cat on counter in cafe in Taipei, Taiwan

Man with umbrella taking photograph of Taipei 101 in Taiwan


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