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It's the Philippines

Sugbo, Pilipinas

Cebu Island, Philippines

March 21st 2023

The Phillippines is a very exhausting place to be, especially off the back of Taiwan. The sort of place with high poverty and a huge tourism industry, where you cannot properly engage in the culture as a foreigner and you are squeezed for money around every corner. Add to that the thick heat, and it is the type of place I find personally difficult to be. I mostly travel with the mindset of wanting to live how locals live, not to pay for tours and for fancier hostels than locals can afford. But in places like this, there is no alternative. There is nothing else but tourist activities and tourist towns. However, it is hard to complain when almost a quarter of the people live below the poverty line. So, with some rewiring of my priorities I will step reluctantly into this world of 'eco-tourism'.


Ctenophores emitting biolumenescence


Yes that's a dog

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